Discover Tolistoque

In the Tolistoque Sierra, which spans the municipalities of Juchitán, Asunción Ixtaltepec, and Santo Domingo Ingenio, lies a captivating landscape. With an area of over 35,000 hectares, this enchanting terrain harbors one of the most significant ecosystems in the region.

What is Tolistoque?

What truly makes this place special? Tolistoque, located in the Istmo de Tehuantepec, serves as your starting point, just 40 minutes from Juchitán. Navigate towards La Venta through the Juchitán – La Venta road until you reach the Tolistoque bridge. From there, follow a series of signs to this natural wonder.

The Ojo de Agua (Water Eye) is a sanctuary for endangered plant and animal species, making it a crucial site for conservation efforts. Additionally, it hosts one of the most important ecosystems in the region, second only to Los Chimalapas.

The canyon through which the Ojo de Agua Tolistoque stream flows is a prominent tourist attraction. During the rainy season, the stream forms a natural blowhole that emits strong sounds due to the rising water levels.

Exploration and Activities in Tolistoque

In addition to its natural attractions, there are opportunities for various recreational activities.

Extreme Sports: Speleology

The internal cave system of the Tolistoque Sierra, extending up to two kilometers in the hill complex, is ideal for practicing speleology. This activity involves the exploration of caves.

Extreme Sports: Hiking

The Tolistoque Sierra is also a perfect location for hiking. This activity involves walking along trails and paths, usually in a natural setting.


The hills often offer breathtaking views, making them ideal locations for photography.

Natural Attractions of Tolistoque

Discover what Tolistoque has to offer and why it is an ideal destination for you and your family.

Spring and Cave

The spring, the cave extends internally for up to two kilometers in the hill complex that makes up the Tolistoque Sierra.

Spring in Cave

In the Tolistoque Sierra, there is a spring inside a cave sculpted by nature. This spring is considered the most beautiful feature of the place.

Canyon and Stream

The canyon through which the stream known as Ojo de Agua Tolistoque flows is one of the exceptionally beautiful natural settings in the Tolistoque Sierra.

Tips for Visitors

To explore Tolistoque and ensure an unforgettable experience, here are some key tips that will be very useful.

Sports Equipment

  • If you plan on more adventurous activities, make sure to have the necessary equipment for extreme sports. Consult with local experts for specific recommendations based on your planned activities.

Opening Hours

  • You can visit this place from Monday to Sunday, from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Plan Your Return Transportation

  • If you don’t have your own vehicle, make sure to plan your return transportation in advance.

Daytime Visits

  • Since the area lacks nearby lodging options, it is recommended to explore it during the day. Make the most of natural light for a more comprehensive experience.


  • In many natural places, visitors often bring their own food for a picnic, but it is advisable to contact local authorities or a tour guide for this information.

Comfortable Clothing and Suitable Footwear

  • Opt for comfortable swimwear and lightweight, comfortable clothing. Be ready to immerse yourself in the waters at any time!

  • Good walking shoes will be useful if you decide to explore the areas.


  • There is no lodging in Sierra Tolistoque. However, you can search for hotels or accommodations in nearby cities such as Juchitán. Hotel Central is an economical and safe option to enjoy your travels in the Istmo de Tehuantepec.

Contribute to Nature Respect

  • While enjoying, make sure to keep the place clean and respect local wildlife. Your contribution is crucial to preserving this natural treasure.

How to Get to Tolistoque?

Would you like to know where Tolistoque is located? We provide you with a map showing the exact and safe route so you won’t miss one of the tourist destinations in Oaxaca.

Photos of Tolistoque

Explore the essence of Tolistoque through our collection of photos. Discover what this place, one of the most beautiful spots in Oaxaca, looks like.

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